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Promoting Positive Behaviour

St Brigid’s Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Children’s Rights as outlined in the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) are fundamental to a good school ethos.  Adults in our school will work with children to ensure they are aware of their rights and fully respect the rights of others.  Therefore, the approach within St Brigid’s is to build a positive ethos that demonstrates care and respect for all.  Positive behaviour is recognised and celebrated.  Our school operates a system of Golden Rules to set out expected behaviour.  This is celebrated through Golden Time Rewards, awards at assemblies and certificates, class of the week and month. 

In St Brigid’s we have the following set of Golden Rules that were created in conjunction with pupils and staff.

Golden Rules

We are Gentle

We are Kind and Helpful

We are honest

We Work Hard

We Look after your things and others

We Listen


Golden Rules should be displayed in every classroom and will be displayed in the hall and corridors.  These should be referred to daily and will be reinforced during assemblies to highlight ways in which these could be achieved.


Golden Time- Rewards for an individual’s hard work.

On a Friday afternoon, teachers will complete Circle Time with their class before Golden Time, to reflect upon the Golden Rules and discuss positive steps forward for those Golden Rules that have been broken.  Directly following this, children will take part in Golden Time activities as a reward for meeting the Golden Rules.

Those children who have lost time will attend the Positive Futures Class to reflect upon the Golden Rules which were broken and how they can meet these next time.  Children who attend Positive Futures will be given a letter to take home and be signed and returned which will state the reason as to why they were there.  If this is not returned, a phone call will be made to home to ensure that parents are aware of the loss of Golden Time.

Community Stars – Awards for Teamwork

Community Star awards will be given to classes when they work well as a team by teachers, support staff and SMT.

They can be awarded for the following:

Good Lines

Walking through Corridors Quietly

Everyone in Gym Kit

Everyone handing in homework

Tables tidy in Dinning Hall

Tidy Cloakrooms

Positive Play


Weekly Total- The total community stars will be collected daily by SMT/PSA and counted at the end of the week.  The class in the infants and in the upper school with the most Community Stars will each receive an extra play on a Monday Afternoon.


Monthly Total – Each month, the one class across the school with the most community stars will get to choose a treat (within Reason).  This could be a cinema afternoon in class with Pizza/Hotdogs and Ice Cream, a visit to a free Glasgow attraction such as Glasgow Green adventure Park or Science Centre for example.


Procedures for Children who are not following Golden Rules

Should a child not follow our Golden Rules, the steps below should be followed:


1.       Reminder of Golden Rules given to child verbally, indicating which Golden Rule is not being followed.

2.       1st Yellow think card issued with question/picture prompts of Golden Rules = 5 minutes of Golden Time lost.

3.       2nd Yellow think card issued if no changes=Further 5 minutes of Golden Time lost.

4.       Red Card issued if no change. 


If Red Card Issued – Letter sent home to parents to inform them of incident.


If 2 Red Cards are received within a short period of time, parent/guardian is called for a meeting with the member of the Management team to discuss ways in which we can support their child together.


For serious incidents in class, which puts children or staff in danger, a red card can be used immediately. 


Each day should be a fresh start for children.  So if a child receives a yellow or Red card one day, they will start afresh the next with no yellow/red cards however, will still have lost the appropriate amount of Golden time. 

Children will then be able to earn some or all of this golden time back if they follow the Golden Rules.


Other Strategies

The above mentioned strategies are the minimum that will be used within the classroom and teachers are free to add to this with their own class rewards as they see fit.  This may include rewarding with stickers, group points or star of the day etc.




In the playground community stars can be used to reward children following our Golden Rules.  Additionally, for children who are not following our Golden Rules, a similar system to the red and yellow cards will be used.  In the playground there is a ‘reflection zone’ known as the white zone.


If children are not following our Golden Rules in the playground then the following steps will be taken:


1.       Reminder of Golden Rules given to child verbally, indicating which Golden Rule is not being followed.

2.       1st white timeout card issued = 5 minutes in timeout zone to reflect on Golden Rules not being followed. Child then returns to main playground.

3.       2nd white timeout card issued if behaviour does not improve = another 5 minutes in timeout zone, to reflect on Golden Rules not being followed. Child then returns to main playground.

4.       Red Card issued if no change. This means the child has to leave the playground and be sent to a Member of Management team.  This results in a full loss of Golden Time.  This time can be earned back in the usual manner.


For serious incidents in the playground, which puts children or staff in danger, a red card can be used immediately.  Additionally, a child who refuses to go to the white zone will be issued with a red card also.


Children within school building at break and lunch


Children who require into the school building during break or lunch must ask a member of staff.  They will be issued with a green pass.